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Built to Last in Chicago

R.E.A Masonry, LLC Is Built to Last in Chicago

Richard Ates is Owner and Founder of R.E.A. Masonry, LLC which is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, servicing the Chicagoland and surrounding areas. They are MBE certified with various municipalities and agencies such as Signatory with The Bricklayers and Tuck-Pointers Unions. They specialize in residential, commercial, and restorative masonry. Whether it’s lintel replacements, chimney repair, or a new structure, R.E.A. Masonry, LLC can deliver.

R.E.A. Masonry has partnered with some major organizations. Some of those organizations include work on the Guaranteed Rate Field (White Sox Stadium), the University of Chicago Cloisters building, and a project with Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Las America Apartments.

Richard Ates stated, “I would like to thank Franchon Greenfield on her tireless pursuit in reaching out to me and my firm to schedule an appointment to meet one on one with Quentella Enty. While in my one on one coaching session, emails were sent out to different buyers and agencies to connect my firm with opportunities. Starting a small business is a lot of work and I am glad to have the Chicago Urban League assist my firm in growing and gaining opportunities. I look forward to continue working closely with the Chicago Urban League and its staff. Quentella and Franchon were great in their efforts to assist me and my firm. I will keep you all posted on the success.”

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