CEO of NIARA Consulting Praises Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Jodi Brockington, CEO of NIARA Consulting in New York City, a business development agency specializing in strategic marketing and alliances with 15+ years of experience, participated in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (GS10KSB) program in 2016 at LaGuardia Community College. Jodi was going to apply in 2012 but her Father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to take a step back in her career and business. In 2016, she decided to apply to the GS10KSB program to help her bring her business back to life and in better condition prior to her Father being sick. Jodi said, “Simply applying for the program helped me start to refocus on my business and to think about my future, not on my role as a caregiver for my father. I needed to get back into the role of being Founder and CEO of my business and this was my opportunity.”

Ms. Brockington was fortunate enough to have been able to apply for the all-women’s cohort which was a partnership with Goldman Sachs and The Tory Burch Foundation. During the program, she was able to keep her business as a focus “to work on her business and not in it.” Since the end of the program, she is still active with the Alumni group and helps to support and partner with some of the women from her cohort. Additionally, she continues to promote and influence those in her network to apply for the program. Lastly, she looks for ways to incorporate the partnership Goldman Sachs has with the National Urban League and leverage those who are in or completed the program to participate in her consulting project with the National Urban League's Small Business Matters Summit, the Digital Career Success Series, and Annual Career Fair.

According to Jodi, “The most impactful part of the program was the negotiation module. I think it is an area that every business owner needs to have in their toolkit and often can make or destroy one’s business when not in place. What I’d like others to know about the program is to simply encourage more people to know it is operating all over the US and to apply. It is a great investment in yourself and to work on your business and not in it.”