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Helping A Mom Fight for Success!

Jamila came to the Center for Workforce Development/Career Counseling at the Urban League of Middle Tennessee as a 27 year old single graduate of Lane College, an HBCU. Jamila has one son and lost contact with her son’s father after losing custody because she was sent to prison, allegedly not caring for her child appropriately. Jamila pled guilty because she didn’t have the proper representative handling her case, causing her to spend one and a half years in prison. 

When Jamila was released, she immediately started seeking services, and came across the Urban League of Middle Tennessee. Through the Urban League, she was able to update her resume, and began attending job fairs. With the help of her career counselor, Jamila prepared in detail for one of the job fairs, was properly prepared, and was hired on the spot. She was hired for a full-time position at a credit card servicing company. Jamila has been employed for three months now. 

Also with the help of the Urban League, was able to set up a table to sell her handmade jewelry at various conferences, which is allowing Jamila to have multiple streams of income. Jamila has also enrolled in school to begin her Master’s program. Most importantly, Jamila received joint custody and sees her son every weekend. She credits the Urban League with helping change her whole life! 

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