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Houston Area Urban League Launches Turner Construction School

Houston Area Urban League Client Launches Turner Construction Advanced School of Project Management

In May 2018, LaToshia Norwood, Founder and Principal of L’Renee & Associates, successfully graduated 25 business professionals from her first Turner Construction Advanced School of Project Management course.

For more than 20 years the City of Houston has partnered with the Turner Construction Company to offer the "Turner School of Construction Management".  Then, through certification, procurement and other networking opportunities curated through the Urban League Entrepreneurship Center, LaToshia Norwood has now successfully launched one of the City’s first schools for project management.

The Turner Advanced School of Project Management is jammed packed with lessons, tips, tools, resources and strategies to help your company delivery project successfully. They open the vault and share the secrets Turner uses to manage day-to-day operations and multi-million dollar projects.

LaToshia Norwood is a certified project manager and marketing strategist, with a successful track record in managing accounts and leading complex multi-million dollar projects. She coaches entrepreneurs and business professionals in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors; working closely with the executive team and key stakeholders to ensure expected outcomes are achieved and seamless implementation of the clients’ vision. She leverages her expertise in Project Management, Consulting, Training, Brand Development & Management for local and national brands to help our clients shift from a “winging it” approach to executing a well-developed strategic plan.