Making the case for Kuder

Recently, the National Urban League in collaboration with the Columbia Urban League of South Carolina hosted a career exploration workshop at local elementary school.

Forty youth between the ages of 11 and 18 packed into the small classroom, paired two-by-two at even smaller desks. As teammates waited for the prompt, you could hear the buzz in the air and feel the excitement all around as each participant – after opening up their computer to KUDER’s exploration page discovered and then shouted, “I’m going to be a surgeon,” or “Mine says I will be working with my hands and animals.” “Teacher for me” shouted another.

It was great to see so many youth excited and determined to both discover and find their career path, making the case for KUDER as an efficient, easy to use and user friendly tool for career exploration. To date, the National Urban League through its partnerships in STEAM, Career Exploration and Youth Development has exposed thousands of young mentors who are now more than ever prepared to enter the economic and social mainstream with the help from tools like KUDER Navigator.

KUDER is a web based tool and portal that the National Urban League and its Project Ready: Mentor affiliates are using to help youth better understand and navigate career aspirations and career choices.  With its unique set of algorithms and surveys, KUDER gets to the heart of career exploration for high school students and young adults.

The National Urban League’s national office staff and key staff from MENTOR, a national organization providing technical assistance and support to organizations that provide mentoring services, supported the KUDER training for high school youth and their parents.   

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