Meet Lashonda Crockett and Pennie's Tea

Lashonda Crockett is an educator and health professional with a Master’s Degree in Health and an entrepreneur who doesn’t mind sharing the secrets of better health and vitality. Her message of tasty tea overflowing with health benefits has been well received by her audience that spans across the country. Her first tea was Instant Colonic Detox Tea which rid her of her own ailment of IBS. This tea was also created to assist with weight loss, repairing of the colon, and overall well-being.

Crockett has been in business for 2 ½ years and has many great accomplishments. Her company has successfully landed shelf placement at Whole Food Markets and a second meeting with Walmart and other major companies in the pipeline. She was one of the top three that won the pitchCraft competition and was a finalist at the pitch60 competition at the Chicago Urban League. Pennie’s Tea social impact is to help women of domestic violence find their strength, passion and healing, one sip at a time. Her message is in her tea as it encourages people to explore and embrace a delicious holistic approach to health, wellness, healing, and repairing from the inside out.

Crockett stated, “The Chicago Urban League has been phenomenal in my business ventures. They have helped me refine my pitch and have put me in positions to land corporate deals. They have outstanding programs available for new business owners as well as established.  I will always be a part of the Chicago Urban League.”