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Mortgage Reduction for One of Newark's Own

Thanks to the Urban League of Essex County, Mr. Torres saved his home and reduce his monthly mortgage payments by $317!

In February of 2018, Mr. Jose Torres was facing foreclosure on his house. As an unemployed single father of four he did not know where to start, so Mr. Torres visited the Urban League of Essex County looking for assistance. He explained that he’d recently been injured on his job and had applied for workers' compensation. But the prolonged process had taken a toll on him, as he lacked income and began to fall behind on his mortgage. Our ULEC housing counselor sat down with Mr. Torres to help create a monthly budget based on his current emergency and his potential workers comp. it helped to document the hardship’s cause, its temporary status and that a resolution was anticipated. The housing counselor submitted a request for mortgage assistance packet along with supporting documents for review. With continuous communication between the counselor, Mr. Torres and the mortgage servicer, Mr. Torres was able to retain his home with a $300 reduction in his monthly payment.

If you or anyone you know needs help saving their home, contact our local Urban League near you!