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She Saved $600 on Rent Thanks to the Columbus Urban League!

Ms. Jackson was able to remain in her home and received a $600 reduction on her rent.

Ms. Jackson had sole custody of her grandchildren, and was having problems with a neighbor when she visited the Columbus Urban League in March 2018. Ms. Jackson contacted her landlord after being verbally attacked by a neighbor in addition to being attacked by the neighbor’s dog. Since the landlord lives in another state, he advised her to place a 30 day notice on her neighbor’s door. Our counselor reached out and educated the landlord, to explain that unless Ms. Jackson is his employee or property manager she cannot place notices on the other tenants’ doors. The landlord then said he would have maintenance person take care of the issue.

Within a couple of weeks, the landlord called our counselor and said that the other tenant was evicted and would leave no later than mid-April. He also reduced Ms. Jackson’s rent for by $300 for April and $300 for May, after a conversation with Ms. Jackson and our counselor about her needs. As a result, Ms. Jackson was able to improve her quality of life and saved money from her rent!

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