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From Surviving to Winning - Housing Success

Greenville Woman Received 24 Months of Mortgage Payments Thanks to the Urban League!

Thanks to the comprehensive housing services of the Urban League of the Upstate, Mrs. Hall was able to regain ownership of her home and receive mortgage payment assistance for two years.

Mrs. Hall came to the Urban League of the Upstate seeking help in the midst of a serious domestic violence situation. At the time of enrollment, Mrs. Hall was recovering from several attempts on her life and her ex-husband had forced her from the home.  Due to her not living at her address on record, her social security recertification documents were not processed, her benefits were terminated, and her ex-husband was not paying the mortgage.  Once Mrs. Hall was able to resolve the domestic violence situation, she moved back into her home to find the utility bills were over $500 past due and the mortgage hadn't been paid in over 3 years. 

Our counselor assisted her with an application for Hardest Hit Funds and coached her through getting assistance with other resources. As a result, she was able to obtain mortgage payment assistance for 24 months with a new payment that fit well within her budget. 

If you or anyone you know needs help saving their home, contact a local Urban League near you!