Urban League-Supported 10,000 Small Businesses Present First Alumni Summit
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As a member of the Goldman Sachs’ first-ever 10,000 Small Businesses advisory committee, I’m proud to be one of the presenters at the program’s first ever gathering of alumni.  Thousands of graduates will gather on Monday and Tuesday in Washington, D.C. for the summit, themed “The Big Power of Small Businesses.” The event will stream live on www.nul.org.

The Summit participants will hear from industry leaders and experts about optimizing business growth—from best practices for effective hiring and accessing capital, to lessons for leadership, leveling the playing field, and more—and they will be able to meet with key policymakers to share their perspectives and elevate their voices. The two-day event will provide opportunities to network, learn, and meet thousands of fellow 10,000 Small Businesses alumni from around the country.

Other notable figures attending the summit include Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Tyler Perry, Lisa Price and Sara Blakely. My plenary and roundtable, scheduled for at 12:30pm February 13 will focus on access to capital and expertise.

Click here for more information about the summit.

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