Workforce Development

What is the Urban Tech Jobs Program?

The Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) answers the call to get more Americans working again in the technology sector. Through a collaboration between the Urban League, higher education institutions, training centers as well as local and national employers, UTJP strives to develop competitive candidates for H-1B occupations. 

Who participates?

UTJP is an accelerated training program that recruits long term unemployed adults from the greater metropolitan area and provides them with workshops to build solid job readiness tools and adaptability skills in order to respond to the fast paced needs of the high demand technology environment.  UTJP offers participants the opportunity to obtain nationally recognized certifications, paid work experience and employment in the Information Technology sector. 

Where does it operate?

The Urban Tech Jobs Program will operate in seven Urban League affiliate cities.  For more information regarding enrollment or partnership opportunities please contact the Urban Tech Jobs Program near you:


Urban League of Broward County

Chicago Urban League

Columbus Urban League

Minneapolis Urban League

Urban League of Palm Beach County

Urban League of Philadelphia

Urban League of Portland 



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