Woman Saves Home with Urban League of Palm Beach County's Help

Rettenise Louis visited the Urban League of Palm Beach County wanting to save her home. With her four dependents, failure was not an option! She was three months overdue on her loan, after a separation and increase in her interest rate leading to higher mortgage payments. As a result, the loan became delinquent because it was no longer affordable.

Our housing counselor completed an overall assessment for Ms. Louis, and a loan modification appeared to be the best option. Our counselor helped Ms. Louis complete her loss mitigation packet. After working with her servicer, Ms. Louis received a trial payment plan that turned permanent and was $1,489 less than her original monthly payment. Additionally, her interest rate dropped from 6.5 to 2.00%, and if she remains current on her mortgage for 3 years she will obtain a principal forgiveness of over $105,872!

If you or anyone you know needs help saving their home, contact our local Urban League near you!