Women's Business Resource Center Gives New Orleans a Boost

Tony and Angelique Moret of Moret Plumbing have been clients of the Women’s Business Resource Center at the Urban League of Louisiana since 2016. They have greatly benefitted from the one-on-one counseling with business advisors, as well as, a number of Construction Workshops from 1/28/2017-4/27/17. Prior to participating in the workshops, they had no systems in place to procure and manage jobs. Since then, they have purchased UDA Construction Suite project management software, PlanSwift Estimation software, and QuickBooks accounting software. Additionally, they have secured a $25,000 line of credit with Whitney Bank to help mobilize their new contracts as well as implemented a simple IRA for their employees. This will improve their ability to go after larger projects without a strain to their company’s cash flow and will allow them to attract and retain better employees.

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