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What is the JOBSNETWORK?

The National Urban League has been a leading resource for diverse professionals and jobseekers for over a century. Today, you can put your skills and experience in front of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies that want to meet you on our JOBSNETWORK.

Urban League  provides opportunities for all diversity candidates, including African, Asian, Latino and Native Americans, women, LGBTQI, differently-abled and mature workers. As the demographics of the workforce are changing and new majorities are emerging, is working to embrace these changes and accommodate the needs of the labor market.

How can I access it?

The JOBSNETWORK website is You can also receive job alerts, career and professional tip and resources by following the JOBSNETWORK on Twitter and Facebook.


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Explore Urban League JOBS NEWTWORK now
Explore Urban League JOBSNETWORK

Post your resume online now on the to apply for hundreds of local, national, and international positions at top companies, get it to hundreds of recruiters or click on the logos of participating companies to view available positions. that is working together to ensure that “Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits”


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Tips on Enhancing Your Job Search

1. Six Frequently Asked Interview Questions

What are your best skills?

Not even a second of hesitation can take place when answering this question. You must be prepared to rattle-off your top key skill assets one after another with confidence and clarity. After which, continue on with examples of how you have demonstrated some of your skills on the job. And, of course, all the while, your answers should work in sync with what you know to be the company’s core values.

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2. The Key Is — Knowing What You Want and How To Get It

Using the internet to view jobs, generate job leads, post your resume and garner job seeking tips is only as good as the skill and diligence of the user—patience and dedication are essential. Continually updating and sharpening your online expertise can pay big rewards when you find the job of your dreams.

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3. Social Networking

This rapidly expanding frontier should NOT be overlooked—for example, social profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook are now being used to create career specific profiles on sites like Branchout, Job Magic, Jobvite and Make sure you have a well-written personal profile, coupled with a large network of contacts—it could lead you to your next job.

Click here to download the Black Enterprise Social Media Bootcamp presentation.

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4. 9 to 45 seconds - That's All You Have to Catch an Employer's Eye

The function of a resume is to communicate the best possible match between your skills and the employer's needs. When writing your resume, make every second (and word) count; keep it short and concise (nothing long-winded); and say it with style - but follow the rules!

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5. Always Send a Thank You Letter After An Interview

So few candidates make the effort to do so - but you must. Make sure to send your thank you out within 24 hours of your interview - it could make or break your chances. Be sure to mention something specific from the interview and state your interest in the company and the position.

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To download the full National Urban League Employment Guide, click here.


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