Forty-five excited students from Crenshaw High School visited Los Angeles City Hall Friday morning to formally announce their upcoming 10-day trip to China.
The mid-July trip, organized by the Los Angeles Urban League, will challenge students to serve as ambassadors for Los Angeles while learning about the global economy in what, for most, will be their first time traveling outside of the country, or even the state.
The Los Angeles Urban League has led two delegations of African American leadership groups to China before in 2006 and 2010, but this will be the first trip they have organized for high school students.
The L.A. Urban League has been promoting student leadership at Crenshaw High School as part of their Neighborhoods@Work initiative. It was from those leadership groups that about 20 students were hand-selected for the Crenshaw2China cultural exchange program.
The students have been participating in 10 weeks of courses in preparation for their journey, including lessons in Mandarin language and Chinese culture.
“It’s more than just building a resume; they’re sparking an interest in what’s happening in the world,” Urban League President, Blair Taylor said, “They’re learning to form 21st century relationships.”
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